Hope on the Horizon

Do you feel hopeless in the wake of 2020? If you do, it's easy to understand why. Last year was one of the most taxing years in history. It was full of difficult changes that led to isolation, loneliness, and heartbreak for many. But even so, Jesus is still near.

On this week's episode, a few members of the Living Free team sit down together to reflect on the effects of 2020 and share some personal stories of hope even in the midst of some really difficult times. Hope often feels distant, perhaps especially so in the wake of last year, but if you're feeling that way now we want to encourage and remind you that Jesus is always near and hope is on the horizon.

To partner with Living Free and support their work of bringing hope, you can visit livingfree.org/monthly. With a $21 gift or more, you'll receive a free gift of a Hope on the Horizon t-shirt and journal. God bless you and keep you.

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