The Spiritual Principles Behind Living Free with Jack Smart

On this week's episode we have the privilege to speak with Jack Smart about the spiritual principles behind Living Free that set it apart from other recovery programs. Jack began his journey in recovery ministry at the age of 24 and is still going strong 40 years later! His introduction to Living Free happened during his time at Adult & Teen Challenge and he has continued to use Living Free materials both personally and for ministry purposes.


We talk about the role the gospel plays in restoring broken people, how the Word, the People of God, and the Spirit work together for transformation, and how Living Free offers participants to experience the love of the Father.


"...because the drug and alcohol issues in our country are so overwhelming, I really believed we've got to get the church involved. In the latter years of my ministry that is my biggest goal, is to get the church involved reaching out to people in need, and I think Living Free is the best tool I've ever seen in order to do that." -Jack Smart

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